About The Highlanders

Meet the Band

We guarantee our clients a brilliant party filled with bags of fun every time we perform! We play Scots music to an admirably high standard and we do not know the meaning of failure. Oh, and the word which people most frequently use to describe The Highlanders: “Excellent”!

Musical Line-ups

The Highlanders’ basic ‘fighting unit’ comprises 4 musicians. For balls and corporate parties we can augment to an impressive, orchestral-type line-up of 5, 6 or even 8 musicians; whilst for more casual events we down-size to a compact 3-piece ensemble.

Violin (aka Fiddle)
Drums (full kit)
and Caller, if required
Further instrumental additions:
Flute doubling Piccolo


Dance programmes and repertoire are tailored to the event. Please see: Ceilidhs, Reeling Balls, Burns Suppers. Bopping & Party Repertoire available for parties when engaged as a 4-piece band! Examples of our songs include: YMCA, Amarillo, Rock around the Clock, Proud Mary, Teddy Bear and many others.

PA & Lighting

The Highlanders are supplied fully self-contained with professional-quality PA sound system/mixing desk and ambient band lighting. An i-Pod facility is available for the client’s use whenever required.

Performance Times

Up to 3½ hours playing time with one, scheduled break - Reeling Parties, excepted.
The band is generally set-up and sound checked 30 minutes prior to the commencement of dancing.


Limitless, having played for Wedding Parties in Bournemouth and a corporate party for BAE Systems at Barrow-in-Furness, Cumbria.


Either Dinner Jackets with the Red Ross tartan or more casual attire for less formal events.

Band Fees

We generally prefer to avoid quoting via the internet as, in our experience, information exchanged during a telephone conversation enables us to more accurately assess our clients’ requirements and to provide a more accurate quote.

Hearing the Highlanders

Do contact us to attend a ‘live' viewing at one of our engagements; in the meantime, you may care to listen to our studio recordings.