Burns Suppers. Format and Advice

If it has fallen to you to organise your company, regimental or Charity/PTA’s Burns Supper you will generally need to organise and engage two vital forms of entertainment to ensure a memorable and successful event. These are:

A Scots Ceilidh Band and a Scots Piper the latter of whom should be capable of both playing the traditional Burnsian repertoire as well as reciting the legendary Robbie Burns poem ‘The Address to the Haggis’. You may also be unfamiliar with the correct order and formal proceedings pertaining to a Burns Supper and we are able to be of assistance in this regard: Do contact us.

Clients Venues Events

The Highlanders have played for Burns Suppers at many prestigious civil and military venues as well as for several Celebrity Clients, including:

  • RAF Brize Norton (Oxfordshire)
  • The Merchant Taylor’s Company (City of London)
  • Stoke Park Golf Club (Herts)
  • Annie Lennox and Bob Geldof
  • Make-a-Wish Foundation
  • The Athenaeum Club, The Lansdowne, The Hurlingham, etc

To ‘set the scene’ and welcome your guests, we generally start the evening by playing a selection of well-known Burnsian tunes such as:

  • Annie Laurie
  • Comin’ through the Rye
  • A Man’s a Man for a’ that
  • My Love is like a Red, Red, Rose, etc.

For the initial part of the dinner we are also able to expertly and professionally perform Scottish background music of all varieties from ancient Hebridean airs to more contemporary Scottish tunes which we play until the Piping of the Haggis. After the Addresses we complete the evening with Scottish Ceilidh Dancing which is directed by the band’s Caller.

Event Timings

Customary overall timings: Band to be set up by 7.3opm with completion of the dancing and carriages at 1.ooam.

The Piper and The Address to The Haggis

We are able to provide several excellent and experienced Pipers who not only play brilliantly but who also perform an outstanding version of ‘The Address to the Haggis.’ Do be warned that for most non-Scots this recitation is a serious mouthful !

Both of our Pipers have worked in conjunction with The Highlanders for more than 15 years and have played for countless events.