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The Highlanders Scots Ceilidh & Reeling Band has an excellent reputation for providing great dance music at Weddings, Ceilidhs, Private Parties and Corporate Events. Since we began playing together we have undertaken literally 100s of top-drawer events: In fact we are so confident in our abilities that we will absolutely guarantee the success of your party!

Why choose The Highlanders for your Wedding Party or Scottish Event?

  • A. Because we are the UK’s leading Scots Ceilidh & Reeling Band south of the border. Our professional capabilities are beyond dispute and we never fail to impress our clients. You will not be disappointed!
  • A. Because we are a pukkah Scots Ceilidh & Reeling Band. We are not an English Barndance Band nor an Irish Ceili Band nor even ( for that matter ) a Country Dance Band
  • A. Because people dance to The Highlanders. So far, they have never ignored us
  • A. Because our sound is real. We are an acoustically-based band which does not rely heavily on electronics
  • A. Because we are all professional musicians, each with many years of experience in all areas of the Music Business: See our CVs. We are neither amateurs nor part-timers. That is why we are a great band
  • A. Because we all own ( and even wear ! ) Dinner Jackets. We do look smart !
  • A. Because we never let our clients down – not under any circumstances
  • A. Because the primary emphasis at our Wedding Parties is on fun. This is not a dance lesson
  • A. More than a great Scots Ceilidh & Reeling Band ? Because we are one of the very few Scots Ceilidh bands south of the border capable of performing Rock and Pop Music in addition to our excellent Scots repertoire
  • A. Because you choose your First Dance – either to the band or an iPod track or CD
  • A. Because we are more than happy to play ‘live’ ( even, non-Scottish ) music for your Drinks Reception
  • A. Because we leave nothing to chance: All party details are signed, sealed and delivered by Contract and Client Invoice
  • A. And, finally, because we have never had a single failure in more than 20 years